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Where Are We with Wearables?

02 Oct

by michael-le-tobias 02.10.14

At Tobias & Tobias, some of our staff wear Pebble watches, Fitbit trackers and tinker with kits to create connected devices. Last week, we attended the IxDA MeetUp on wearables and were keen to see how the space is developing.

Wearables are electronic devices that create reports or recommendations based on physical activity, when worn by the user. We listened to several talks by artists and technologists making waves in the art, fashion and tech worlds about how wearables will become as ubiquitous as smartphones.

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Navigating the Restaurant Menu

19 Sep

by michael-le-tobias 19.09.14

At a dinner out with some friends, the friendly waiter comes by and asks “Are you ready to order?” For some of us, that moment was the first time we had looked at the menu; “May we have a few minutes please?”

Have you ever wondered what is happening when you are trying to choose an item from a menu?

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Never use a long word where a short one will do

08 Sep

by hanna-at-tobias 08.09.14

We’re big fans of Orwell’s Six Rules for Writing here at T&T. This week, we thought we’d focus on one that is often abused in the business world.

Never use a long word where a short one will do.

There’s often a temptation to “improve” your writing in a business context with long words. These superfluous confabulations can hinder the intention of the correspondence to the point of mystification.

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Things off the Internet, and the Internet of Things

02 Sep

by ofer-deshe 02.09.14

We are always keen to try out the latest stuff here at T&T. This week, I’ve been showing anyone and everyone a few bits of circuitry and a couple of resistors.
It’s actually a lot more exciting than it looks: this is Metawear, the kickstarter-funded DIY wearable technology. For about $40, they post you this little kit, which includes a board with a microUSB for charging, battery, vibrate button, temperator detector, push button, an LED, and a 3-axis accelerometer.

From this, you can build a host of wearable devices, like activity bands, interactive household items and alarms. Some of the ideas that have been floating around the office have been remarkably everyday: automatic texts to your wife “so she knows you’re thinking of her”, location-based alerts that warn you if your bike has moved from where you locked it, notifications to tell you if your kids switch the light on in their room after bedtime. Others were focused on capital markets and energy systems: flash if you’ve not read a message within half an hour, switch the light off in a room after you leave it for more than two minutes, or vibrate if a certain change in the market occurs.

What do you think we should build? Tell us on Twitter.

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Learning about Taxonomy in Web Design

01 Sep

by andrew-at-tobias 01.09.14

Having started at T&T in June I found myself getting to grips with new people, approaches, tools and technology but there was one standout moment in one of the early design meetings I attended which raised alarm bells. A word that was mentioned several times which I thought I understood but as the meeting unfolded it became apparent I didn’t really, and it has led me to writing this blog. The word in question was taxonomy.

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Affecting Relationships with Alcohol Using Behavioural Design

29 Aug

by hanna-at-tobias 29.08.14

Improving your relationship with alcohol is a difficult and stigmatised area. Our Sydney office worked with Hello Sunday Morning (HSM), an Australian charity aimed at guiding people to better lives by taking a break from alcohol.

The brief was to help them improve their online platform. They wanted to help people share their stories to create an atmosphere of support and camaraderie. We were chosen for our expertise in behaviour design. HSM had already done academic work with the University of Queensland, QUT, the University of Newcastle and The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education in the past, so we had rigorous scientific research already available to use.

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