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Evolving Design: Ethnography

14 Apr

by ofer-deshe 14.04.14

Evolving Design
The evolution of an exceptional design and innovation practice relies on multi-disciplinary cross-pollination. As part of our ‘Evolving Design’ series, we invite thought leaders and domain experts to present and discuss interesting and thought provoking topics here at Tobias & Tobias. For our first public event in 2014, our guest speaker was Simon Johnson.

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Is it time to put Henry’s Horses out to grass?

01 Apr

by ofer-deshe 01.04.14

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Whether or not Henry Ford really said this, the quotation is nonetheless attributed to him for posterity; and there’s no doubt it’s a powerful statement. Simply asking people what they want is a poor recipe for real innovation. For more than a decade, I have heard design professionals using this quotation in sales pitches, training programmes, blogs and articles. But the analogy has never worked for me. It has always seemed illogical and dubious, and I wonder now if it is time to retire a tired and inaccurate cliché.

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Making the Invisible Visible

06 Mar

by k-at-cooper 06.03.14

The Knowledge Share is a series of events for thought leaders and domain experts, to present and discuss interesting and thought provoking topics here at Tobias & Tobias.

After a recent successful collaboration with Signal | Noise on a data visualisation project, we were impressed with their approach and depth of thinking, so invited them to share their thoughts on the current state and trends around data visualisation and big data.

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Friday Afternoon Toons

10 Jan

by mey-tang 10.01.14

Most Friday afternoons we have a showing of short animations, led by James - one of our top designers.  We asked James why he decided to hold these afternoon shows, and what animation means to him.

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Uplifting Service

17 Dec

by gerryduffy345 17.12.13

Many who have flown with Ryanair will have a horror story to tell: forgetting to print boarding passes and getting charged more than their flight to board; booking the wrong flight because the website is so difficult to use, the list goes on… Despite this, people go back to Ryanair time and again. But why?

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On a Santa Run

09 Dec

by mey-tang 09.12.13

Getting a team together outside of work can be a challenge. Getting a team outside of work to raise money for charity can be even harder. Thankfully at Tobias & Tobias it was a stroll in the park. On Sunday, our team of top runners and a speedy walker took part in the Do It for Charity - Santa Run at Victoria Park, London.

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(For)Filling Experiences

03 Dec

by gerryduffy345 03.12.13

A recent trip to the dentist put me in mind of a TED talk I had seen from behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman, where he speaks about the disparity between the experiencing self and the remembering self. He says that the experiencing self is the one that lives in the present; it is the self that is you right now. Whereas the remembering self is the one that keeps score, it is the one that memories are made of, and the one the dictates decisions. There is a world of difference between these two ‘selves’. My remembering self had not been to the dentist in years, and as far as it was concerned we did not want to go back, unless it was absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, it was…

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