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Learning about Taxonomy in Web Design

01 Sep

by andrew-at-tobias 01.09.14

Having started at T&T in June I found myself getting to grips with new people, approaches, tools and technology but there was one standout moment in one of the early design meetings I attended which raised alarm bells. A word that was mentioned several times which I thought I understood but as the meeting unfolded it became apparent I didn’t really, and it has led me to writing this blog. The word in question was taxonomy.

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Affecting Relationships with Alcohol Using Behavioural Design

29 Aug

by hanna-at-tobias 29.08.14

Improving your relationship with alcohol is a difficult and stigmatised area. Our Sydney office worked with Hello Sunday Morning (HSM), an Australian charity aimed at guiding people to better lives by taking a break from alcohol.

The brief was to help them improve their online platform. They wanted to help people share their stories to create an atmosphere of support and camaraderie. We were chosen for our expertise in behaviour design. HSM had already done academic work with the University of Queensland, QUT, the University of Newcastle and The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education in the past, so we had rigorous scientific research already available to use.

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UX and Software Development in Banking

31 Jul

by hanna-at-tobias 31.07.14

How Sophisticated Design can Transform Complex Banking Systems


Since 2000, capital markets investment banking technology has changed dramatically with the emergence of the first single-dealer platforms (SDPs) and the eventual adoption of new and better underlying scripting languages. User experience (UX) design is the next frontier in the pursuit of trading platforms competing for market share.

Tobias & Tobias have written this paper, in association with Greyspark Partners. Download the infographic for free and get the research paper here. 

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Orwell’s Six Rules for Writing

24 Jul

by hanna-at-tobias 24.07.14

Julian, our CEO, gave two speeches at UXPA 2014 this week. The first, Music Lessons for Designers, will be featured next week (we’re waiting for the video so we can show you as well as tell you), and his second was about excellence in design. Julian is just about off stage, and we wanted to give you a quick overview of one of his points. 

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New Ways of Bringing Our Models to Life

22 Jul

by tim-at-tobias 22.07.14

We were fortunate to have animation specialists A+C visit our experience design studio a few weeks ago. They ran a fun workshop aimed at teaching us the basics of stop frame animation. A+C is an animation production studio, specialising in traditional lens based animation They also give talks, run workshops and teach film-making courses.

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Creating Meaningful Scales for Assessing User Response

15 Jul

by hanna-at-tobias 15.07.14

At Tobias & Tobias we spend a lot of time trying to get people to tell us what they need from their interactions with technology that they aren’t currently getting. Obviously, it’s hard to get people to tell you what isn’t there, so we get them to assess their interactions on a scale. However, these scales are hard to design, so we’re going to do some crowdsourcing!

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MSU WRAC Present on Project for Learning Disabled Students

11 Jul

by hanna-at-tobias 11.07.14

Our Michigan State University students have come to the end of their programme in London - and they’ve taken the good weather with them!

Two more weeks of research and preparation led to two excellent presentations on Tuesday on a brief covering the use of technology in schools for the severely learning disabled. They were asked to consider how a community passport - effectively a social network - could be designed to give students better opportunities to connect with each other and maintain a learning and developing environment outside of the classroom.

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