A shot in the dark

I was signing up for myBalsamiq when I was asked to specify my location by dragging an avatar to a point on a map. Sounds like a nice feature doesn’t it?

This is what I was confronted with:

At first I thought, the map is broken. Then I thought, oh, it’s trying to be smart by showing day & night in real time.┬áBut look again – Europe is in sheer darkness, even though it’s 11:30am here in London.

I checked the sky just to be sure and, yes, it was daytime. I looked back at the map which was telling me that I was in a sea of darkness. Sorry map, I’m going to trust the evidence of my eyes on this one.

This still leaves me with the challenge of specifying my location by dragging the avatar and trying to locate London in the hemispherical black swamp. It’s been a while since I played pin the tail on the donkey, so wish me luck…

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