The Simple Chair Necessities

I am a strong believer, as I’m sure many of you are, that the world needs less waste and should reuse and recycle where ever possible. I like to encourage this in the office, and get the team to do their part.  

When I came across this website, I was impressed by their philosophy; their vision is a world with less wasteful packaging. Unpackaged encourages customers to do the right thing for themselves and for the environment. In the shop, customers can reuse their containers to refill all their daily essentials.

Their recent project is to recondition chairs for their new cafe, and they want people to donate chairs. We had an old chair that has been with Tobias & Tobias for a long time, and rather than disposing of this one chair, it was time for it to find a new home.

What better way than to donate it to a worthy cause set up by Unpackaged. All donated chairs get a plaque on the back marking the contribution. Once the cafe is open, we will have the pleasure of seeing our trusty chair being used to its full potential.

There are now so many ways people can reuse and recycle old products, from car boot sales, to donating to charity, to passing it on through organisations like the Freecycle groups. I really like Unpackaged and their beliefs. It’s inspiring and emotive to know that people are acting to make a change, and I hope it will encourage other people to do the same. Let’s save the planet one chair at a time!

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