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MSU WRAC Present on Project for Learning Disabled Students

11 Jul

by hanna-at-tobias 11.07.14

Our Michigan State University students have come to the end of their programme in London - and they’ve taken the good weather with them!

Two more weeks of research and preparation led to two excellent presentations on Tuesday on a brief covering the use of technology in schools for the severely learning disabled. They were asked to consider how a community passport - effectively a social network - could be designed to give students better opportunities to connect with each other and maintain a learning and developing environment outside of the classroom.

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Michigan State Summer School at T&T

02 Jul

by hanna-at-tobias 02.07.14

Summer programmes are relatively unheard of for UK university students: they take the time to earn some cash, go and get muddy in various fields, see the Far East (again) or simply retake some exams.

In the US, summer programmes are much more the norm. Thus, at Tobias & Tobias we have six students from Michigan State with us for five weeks, learning about UX, professional writing and presenting to clients.

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Designing for Hyperlocal Communities

27 Nov

by drewpasmithtobias 27.11.12

Earlier this year, Civil Exchange published the first audit of the Big Society initiative. Unsurprisingly, it contained some pretty damning statistics.   

They illustrate, for example, that in deprived areas of the UK, only 55% of people believe that their community pulls together in times of need. This compares to 78% of those living in affluent areas.           

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